• Serba Serbi Resep Masakan Indomie Paling Komplit - Martabak Bandung 65A in Taft is currently very popular, since as a pioneer selling martabak tobleron, this martabak added every day crowded and certainly always queuing. From the beginning I actually became one of the customers Martabak Bandung 65A, but there was as yet no menu martabak Ovamaltine or Green Tea.

    This afternoon I came around 17:30 and employees are still busy preparing the dough and ingredients. Turns fit the message I've got number 25, was lined up quite a lot, including orders with Go-Jek services.

    Demi Martabak 65A Bandung I will be willing to queue even longer wait. This afternoon I ordered the special martabak cashews chocolate and cheese, thin martabak ovamaltin and messages also martabak plain fried.

    If martabak fried my wife's favorite, this time ordering a plain, so it is only vegetables and eggs only. Martabak flavor was good and tasty fried, eaten with pickled was delicious. Martabak fries are also suited to be a side dish to eat.

    Because some time ago eating martabak tobleron and so delicious, so this time let ga bored I ordered the special Martabak cheese, chocolate cashews only. Half cheese, half again cocoa and cashews. Martabak here thick, sticky and indeed awful, really delicious taste, if the cheese course savory and sweet chocolate taste. And with cashews also feels added matab.

    Thin Martabak had ordered the contents ovamaltin, is the first book, unusual ordering the contents of the cheese. But as I recall used to be quite crispy, this time it seems a bit thick for him.



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