• Tips Membuat Kue Basah Pancake Enak Banget - Silky pudding or custard often referred to as silk because it has a very soft texture that can be melted in the mouth. Milk pudding was also called because of the use of milk as its main raw material. Because the texture is somewhat fragile, so usually served as a pudding cup or in a cup, but looking smooth and not easily spilled when reversed.

    Puyo is increasingly recognized and successful with a variety of attractive colors and creative flavors, like bubblegum, taro, green tea, chocolate, and more. Agar-agar jelly or Nutrijell we can use to make your own pudding simple puyo easily at home. Nutrijell various flavors or plain Nutrijell with additional flavors to taste each.
    How to make puyo lava pudding with custard filling in the middle layer of pudding silky dessert menu that can provide a full sensation. Meanwhile, the use of milk can using animal milk or vegetable milk.

    Preparation Material Pudding
    1 packet nutrijel various flavors (grape) + fruity acid
    100 grams sugar
    35 grams of cornstarch dissolved in a little water
    1 liter of liquid milk
    purple food coloring

    Custard filling material (to be more practical to use instant custard filling):
    250 ml liquid milk
    30 grams sugar
    1/4 tsp salt
    1 tablespoon cornstarch dissolved in a little water

    How to Make Pudding
    Prepare the pan, then mix the sugar, and milk nutrijel. Stir well and then drops of food coloring that is more attractive color, then stir again so no clumping and uneven color.
    Bring to a boil, stirring constantly stirring to prevent burning, after boiling enter cornstarch solution and continue stirring until thickened. Turn off the heat and wait for the steam is lost, then enter nutrijel fruity acid from the packaging and mix well. For the pudding mixture into two parts, the first pour batter into each cup or glass-third to one-half the contents or to taste and let it harden.

    Prepare a small pan, pour the milk, sugar and salt. Stir well and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly stirring, after boiling enter cornstarch solution and stir until thickened. Lift and pour in each cup custard on top of the first one.
    Heat half the pudding mixture over low heat earlier if it has clumping so dilute back, let the heat of the moment that steam is lost. Pour a layer of custard filling up slowly, store in the refrigerator, let it cool before serving.

  • Tips Membuat Donat Kentang Super Enak - Green chili sauce dish with a rough collision course often found in restaurants Padang cuisine that always accompany a menu of other dishes so that eating becomes increasingly voracious. In simple chili recipe that is completely green this time, could be an additional reference for us to present a variety of flavors in the daily diet at home.

    The use of green chillies in a way to make chili sauce can provide creations with a taste delicious and fresh. Spicy flavor comes from the use of green cayenne pepper, therefore we simply adjust according to taste spicy flavor. But for those who are taboo spicy, could not use it anyway because it also remains good and fresh.

    Preparation material making donat kentang
    150 grams of a large green chili washed and cut into small pieces
    100 grams of green chili curly
    green chili, please adjust the amount spicy taste
    2 pieces of green tomatoes
    6 red onions peeled skin
    2 cloves of garlic peeled
    1 lemon
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1 tsp sugar
    7 tablespoons cooking oil to taste arau

    How to make ijo typical padang sambal
    Prepare a steamer, then steamed ingredients consisting of chili sauce, tomato, onion and garlic until wilted, or about 15 minutes. Once the material is steamed, then grind coarse.
    Heat oil and saute the results of a pestle and mortar and stir evenly. Add salt, sugar, and lime juice. Stir until fragrant and cooked, turn off the heat and carefully lift and ready to serve.

  • Cara Memasak Telur Dadar Spesial Keju - Aside from the satay cooked himself, turns in this one can also enjoy satay with a rather large size large. Places to eat this one day he would need up to 20 goats. The dining area is also located in Jalan D.I. Panjaitan 42 Cipinang. Yes! Bener really, places to eat this one ne place satay Haji Giyo!


    I can say this piece of meat served despite the rather large-sized big but still soft texture and marinade to seep into the meat, savory rasanyapun and more delicious when enjoyed with a sweet soy sauce typical style Haji Giyo. It is said that soy sauce that is served here is made by mixing three different brands of soy sauce to produce a different flavor.


    Places to eat satay that were once only sold using a cart trade since the 80s have now occupies a fairly large and can accommodate up to 100's pengnjung more people, namely at Jalan Besar Cipinang Panjaitan 42 South. It is suitable to be used as a culinary tourism destinations based meat recommended because of privilege of taste and large size so that the filling, especially the price is only 40K for each portion.

  • Kreasi Sajian Ayam Rica Rica Khas Medan - Actually, initially only accompany a friend who he missed his home in Javanese cuisine there, he invites create disebuah dining restaurant serving traditional Javanese cuisine. I not have thought it turned out I was invited to the restaurant dressed festive and presents many unique and spicy dishes, located in the area of New Kabayoran, where Mbah Jingkrak name.


    Certainly already many know ya? hehe

    Once arrived at this eating place, visitors are welcome to choose a variety of offerings that have been directly available to then be brought to the table after finishing chosen along with rice and drink. Presentation at the dinner table is also similar to a home-like dining Minang so they can share, so a delight when dining here: D

    Apart from the various comestible Javanese attached to the hearts of lovers of culinary Javanese-style there, like sour meat, grilled chicken, bakwan, jerked, grilled fish, stir-stir the vegetables, until lodeh shoots and sayuk dazed, Mbah Jingkrak also presents specifically the various versions of Java cuisine with spicy and extra spicy flavor!


    As their motto which states that 'eat delicious it must be sweating', without hesitation I also ordered a menu mainstay here, mumpung treated to equal the homesick: P. Well, call it a hair chicken menu demon, devil sauce, meat demons, or anchovies Buto Ijo is part of a variety of spicy dishes are presented here and is suitable for fans like us. Taste good at all, although spicy and occasionally wiped his sweaty forehead indisputable sense of joy.

  • Tips Memasak Kentang Goreng Renyah Pedas - For the citizens of Bandung, it seems many are not familiar with one restorang formerly known by the name of Basil Shop. But now renamed Basil Garden Restaurant. This is the place to eat Basil class dining cafe. Basil existence as one of the destinations Bandung Culinary already long enough. The price is cheap and the atmosphere cozy and homey place that is frequented by students seta laternatif hangout students as cheap. Although it has been recast and renamed, this place still retains a characteristic as a culinary center cheap.

    With a concept that combines the atmosphere of the house, the porch and lush gardens, dining here feel homey and comfortable. Shade in this place was the main attraction. Nevertheless, the impression gained is more directed at the outdoor concept. It is evident from the minimal use of walls in almost all dining areas.

    Areas of letter U shaped veranda with a 2-storey building. Visitors are free to memlilih table liking. In addition to presenting a green and leafy atmosphere soothing, Basil also provides a varied menu of delicious nan cheap. Ranging from drinks, snacks, until a heavy meal. Asian dish here is provided as preparations of Japanese and Chinese cuisine, the West with a variety of sandwiches, steaks, to pasta, and of course the specialties of the archipelago.

    Some menu mainstay in Basil is a Green Chili Chicken, Rice Kebuli Goat, Black Pepper Shrimp, and much more. With a variety of delicious food and atmosphere are shady, the place is always crowded with customers, especially at certain times. Such as lunch hours, evenings, or during the weekend. This place has become a favorite place for all people, especially young people to hangout together.

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  • Serba Serbi Resep Masakan Indomie Paling Komplit - Martabak Bandung 65A in Taft is currently very popular, since as a pioneer selling martabak tobleron, this martabak added every day crowded and certainly always queuing. From the beginning I actually became one of the customers Martabak Bandung 65A, but there was as yet no menu martabak Ovamaltine or Green Tea.

    This afternoon I came around 17:30 and employees are still busy preparing the dough and ingredients. Turns fit the message I've got number 25, was lined up quite a lot, including orders with Go-Jek services.

    Demi Martabak 65A Bandung I will be willing to queue even longer wait. This afternoon I ordered the special martabak cashews chocolate and cheese, thin martabak ovamaltin and messages also martabak plain fried.

    If martabak fried my wife's favorite, this time ordering a plain, so it is only vegetables and eggs only. Martabak flavor was good and tasty fried, eaten with pickled was delicious. Martabak fries are also suited to be a side dish to eat.

    Because some time ago eating martabak tobleron and so delicious, so this time let ga bored I ordered the special Martabak cheese, chocolate cashews only. Half cheese, half again cocoa and cashews. Martabak here thick, sticky and indeed awful, really delicious taste, if the cheese course savory and sweet chocolate taste. And with cashews also feels added matab.

    Thin Martabak had ordered the contents ovamaltin, is the first book, unusual ordering the contents of the cheese. But as I recall used to be quite crispy, this time it seems a bit thick for him.



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